10 Ways Babies Are Like Cats

Those who know me must surely have seen this coming?! I’m a massive cat-lover and unashamed! I have four beautiful kitties and have noticed that my 10 month old has many similarities to her feline friends. Here are the top 10 ways having a 10 month old is the same as owning a cat…

  1. Sleep – 12 hours at night (it’s broken sleep!) plus 4 hours in the day. Both cats and babies have a sleep/wake ratio that I admire.
  2. Awake and Playful When I Want to Sleep – I thought being awoken by being pawed in the face would stop when the cats were banned from the bedroom but it appears they have simply been replaced by another small being who prefers to play in the early hours when I would rather be asleep.
  3. Lap Cuddles – It’s an unwritten law that if a cat or a small child sleeps on your lap you must not move, no matter what. Need to pee? Nope you can wait, it may be 10 minutes, it may be 2 hours, you must. Not. Move!image
  4. Poop – Yup, there’s nothing I love more than cleaning up the excretion of other beings.  At least the cats are vaguely toilet trained…
  5. Hampering Ability – I can no longer read a book, eat food, or even write a blog post without somebody slowing this process down and making it needlessly more difficult.
  6. Crappy “Gifts” – My cats take great pleasure in gifting me live frogs and mice, they especially like to hide them under the sofa for me to discover much later in the day. Thankfully, this means I have mastered the gracious excitement of receiving a shite gift, so when my 10 month old offers me a half sucked and mushy bit of breadstick or a shrivelled old pea she found under the table she sees nothing but joy in my eyes.
  7. Picky Eaters – both my fluffies and baby keep me on my toes by being unexpectedly repulsed by a food which they seemed to love only the day before.
  8. Obsession with Doors – Why of why are the bloody cats never on the right side of the door?? It doesn’t matter anymore though because my child spends hours opening and shutting doors to an extent which seems to now satisfy the cats.
  9. They Love Milk – A pretty obvious one, but man, milk pretty much always goes down well in this household.
  10. Poor Communication Skills – Never have I spent so much time trying to work out what the hell someone is trying to tell me through deciphering a (usually irritating) whine.  They all look at me like I should know what they want and quickly become irritated when this unknown need isn’t immediately met. Idiots!

So there you have it.  Cats and babies, more or less the same!image

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32-year-old mother, wife, cat owner looking to discover ways to make life easier and happier for all. Life hacks, gadgets, foods and just anything that will benefit the mental health of my unit.

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