The Power of Song


I’ve always been a singer.  Not professional by any means or much of a public singer but I do love to sing; in the shower, in the car and anywhere else I can get away with it.  Since having a baby I’ve noticed that I frequently sing while making up my own lyrics as a narrative to what we’re doing.  Singing is just something I do.

A few months ago I discovered a local choir, it was a ‘Bring Your Own Baby’ choir.  I liked the idea that I could go to a baby group that wasn’t actually for the baby, it was unashamedly for me.  No nursery rhymes, no bloody ‘Hokey Cokey’ no singing the same song with a boring tune over and over, and no annoying hand actions!  Each session is only about 45 minutes long.  In that time we learn one or two songs by the teacher demonstrating the tune and the group repeating.  The group would then be broken up and taught the individual parts, which we eventually would sing together to create a harmony.  Part of the joy of this is the ability to choose which part you sing, so you can experiment with your voice, but it is the finished piece that sends me to a happy place.

I enjoy singing, but there is something about singing as a group, creating a sound that curves, bends, slides and merges that sends me to a place outside myself.  I can FEEL that sound, it sends tingles down my spine and Stands my hairs on end.  I feel a huge sense of achievement and love to feel a part of something bigger.  As a group we share a part of ourselves to unite and become one.  We are not just parents, we are our voices too.

I have found that singing has helped me to reestablish my identity which had become a little lost since becoming a mother.  It has unlocked something from within me which I didn’t fully realise was there.  I have the ability to create something beautiful, something moving, something shared.  I am sound, I am music, I am song.  Singing makes me feel warm, excited, calm, happy, energised, dynamic and passionate.  There’s not many things out there that have that power!  The secret bonus is that my baby also loves it, she is 7 months now and I’ve noticed that she has started to experiment with her singing voice too, and that is very cute indeed.  I can only hope that she enjoys it as much as I do.


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32-year-old mother, wife, cat owner looking to discover ways to make life easier and happier for all. Life hacks, gadgets, foods and just anything that will benefit the mental health of my unit.

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